We have runners to thank for all those electrifying and thrilling moments where splits of a second determined the world and Olympic champions in major competitions around the world. The record-breaking moments are a thing of beauty in races, and both the spectators – whether or not they’re placing bets online on websites like registrarse.cl or not – and competitors live for these moments. Apart from the athletic prowess, we have also witnessed many doping and cheating scandals that have marred the sport for years, but have also given it a unique flair and notoriety that keeps attracting new spectators to the stands. 

In essence, running has always been a gruelling sport that requires tenacity, stamina, constant work, and mental preparation that few other sports can match. With that being said, we can begin to understand what the top runners in the world have to go through to become champions. 

In this article, we are going to present the top 5 runners that have left their mark in the history of sports. Enjoy! 

Carl Lewis

Starting with the sprinters, we can’t disregard the impact Carl Lewis has had on the track and field athletics. Coming from Birmingham, Alabama, Lewis has made a name for himself as a sprinter and a competitor in long jump events, racking 9 gold and 1 silver Olympic medals, plus 10 World Championship medals, 8 out of which were gold. He was hailed as the next Jesse Owens with all the world records he had set, and out of which some, like the one in the indoor long jump, have stood ever since 1984. He will always be remembered as one of the longest undefeated champions in athletics.  

Mo Farah 

Mo Farah is a British long-distance runner who has been the most successful British track athlete in modern history. He has tallied 19 gold medals in his career, out of which 4 came from the Olympic games and 6 from World Championships. His disciplines are 1, 500, 3000, 5000 and 10000 m, as well as marathons and half-marathons. He had an unbroken streak of 10 global final wins and was the first one to defend double titles from both Olympic Games and World Championships, a feat people dubbed ‘quadruple-double’. He was awarded a knighthood for his services to sports and for being the most decorated British athlete in history. 

Usain Bolt 

Deemed the best sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt’s dominance is unparalleled. He is an 8-time Olympic gold medalist and 11-time World Championship winner. With the Jamaican team, he dominated the 100 m, 200 m, and 4 × 100 m relay races and set multiple records. His 9.58 time in a 100 m race in Berlin is the fastest ever time recorded for a 100 m race since the beginning of electronic timing, a time which most thought was humanly impossible.