Everyone tells you that running is one of the best workouts you can do, both for your body and for your mind. So many people try to start running and give up somewhere along the way because they couldn’t get into it, or because it was too difficult for them, so they just turn to watching athletics on TV. After all, it’s true, many people just like watching athletics and have fun on registrarse.mx. But see, the thing is, if you want to get into athletics, you don’t have to just run – there are different athletics disciplines that range from throwing events, jumping events, to multi-sport disciplines, which are basically a combination of many different sports. You can definitely find something interesting for you somewhere along that range of sports. Let’s get into that. 

Know why you are doing it

Even though we love running and believe that it is the best exercise you can do since it works your whole body, as well as relaxes your mind, we can understand that it isn’t for everyone. Some people just respond better to cycling, or swimming, or any other sport, and we never want to single out athletics as the only good sport out there. So when you are starting out, you should really think about why you are doing it, what your goals are, and whether some other activity might be better for you. If you need a lot of time to simply motivate yourself or convince yourself that you want to do it, perhaps, you don’t really want to do it and you might stress yourself even more by doing something you don’t enjoy. If you do really like athletics, then motivating yourself shouldn’t be that difficult. 

Choose a discipline

If you want to get into athletics as a form of recreation, you can basically do all of these disciplines depending on what you want to do that day. However, if you want to take a more professional route, you should focus on one discipline and master it completely. For example, workouts for long distance running and for high jump are completely different and you won’t be able to do both professionally. If you have a difficult time choosing only one, we recommend multi-sport disciplines such as pentathlon or heptathlon/decathlon, which combine several athletic disciplines into one. 

Join a club

Again, if you are only doing this to workout, this isn’t a necessary step, but if you want to compete, it is a must. Joining a club is great, not only because you will have a trainer to teach you proper technique and keep track of your progress, but also because you will have other athletes working together with you which can be another motivational factor. Moreover, you will have a routine since the club will probably have set times for training. 


If you need some extra motivation, setting goals is always a good option. Just make sure you don’t set goals that are very easy to achieve, but also don’t set something impossible for yourself since you won’t ever feel the sense of accomplishment then. Be smart with your goals and think about how you are going to get there. You can also watch some competitions – that is always a great way to find motivation and focus on what you want to achieve.