Passion for sports is something that unites us all, but it is expressed in different ways, depending on the type of person you are. Some people express their love for sports by spending a lot of time watching the games or betting online using the Netbet bonus. Others like to take a more hands-on approach and start practicing sports themselves. Running is especially popular as a form of exercise, a way to de-stress, and keep a healthy lifestyle. And of course, just like with everything else we do nowadays, there are apps to help us be better at running and have more fun. There are a lot of apps for running on the market now, so we’ve made a list of those that are worth downloading, as we believe these apps can truly improve your running experience. Of course, people want to get different kinds of results out of running, so we made sure that our list of apps covers a lot of diverse needs for every runner out there. 

Strava Running and Cycling

Since this is one of the most popular apps for both running and cycling, you’ve probably already heard about it, but we thought we should mention it for those people who are just starting with their running journey. You could use it to track your speed, distance, and of course time and you can see how you progress over time. This is a great app for all those who like to get competitive with their friends, or generally with other runners. There are leaderboards that can really motivate you to be better than the person above you on the list, just don’t take it too seriously – running should, after all, be fun. Oh, and this app is free for both iOS and Android, which is amazing.

Adidas Running

You’ve probably heard about this app before, when it was called Runtastic – the name changed but the app stayed great. This is another free app for Android and iOS users; Adidas Running is excellent for people who want to track their running but also feel like they have a personal coach with them at all times. You can have some motivational cheers while you are running as well, which, let’s be honest, we all need from time to time. Similarly to Strava, you can compete with other people as well as set goals for yourself, which is just another great way to motivate yourself to go further. 


What most people do when they start running is to just go out, and run. Maybe they have a route in their mind and know how long they want to run for, but nobody really comes up with detailed running plans. That’s because it isn’t easy making a plan for yourself when you are just starting out. TrainAsOne is there to make a customized plan for you, based on your needs and levels of experience, and then to keep track of how you are doing.

It even adjusts your plan along the way if you need to slow down or take it up a notch. It is great for beginners as well as professionals. The only downside is that it isn’t free, but there is a 21-day free trial which you can get.