Betting on athletics and running events is not exactly rocket science, even for beginners, but we’d like to walk you through the process in order to make sure you have a pleasant and profitable experience with online betting from the get-go.

Nowadays, more and more sports fans are attracted to the betting world, especially since it branched out into the online world. Some just want to try their luck at gambling and others have reached a point where they think they have enough sport knowledge to make some money out of it. Whichever the case, we’re sure people who are just stepping into sports betting could use some bonuses, like the welcome bonus they can get with the PA iLottery bonus code.

Those who have placed at least one bet on any other sport will find betting on running events very easy and intuitive, as the principles are basically the same as for any other sporting event.

The first thing you need to do if you want to bet on running events is to find the most profitable online bookmakers, the ones that offer the best odds and bonuses. It’s also a good idea to always make sure the bookmaker is authorized and reliable. You can do this by reading other gamblers’ reviews and learn about their experience.

Most bookmakers offer athletics betting, especially ahead of major events, but it doesn’t hurt to double check if the event you want to wager on does appear on the markets list before creating an account and making a deposit.

After you’ve set up your account, you’re ready to enjoy some betting fun. On the main page you should be able to see the list of sporting events available for betting, along with the betting markets for each sport. All you have to do is choose the running event you want to wager on and place your bet.

The most common events from the Summer Olympics you can bet on include road running events, track and field, and racewalking events.

When it comes to running events, the most common betting type is to use the outright betting market and wager on who will win a particular race. Alternatively, you can place two or more bets on the same betting slip, thus increasing your potential reward, but also your losses in case your predictions are not correct.

Besides the outright bet, there is also an option called Each-way bet (EW), which gives you the chance to get some money back if the athlete you bet on ends up finishing second or third.

Besides the Olympics, there are a lot of marathons that take place every year and people could be wagering on, but unfortunately for the time being, there is a limited choice of betting markets for marathons. For now, the only type of bet you can place is on the winner of a certain race. In some rare cases, bookmakers also have markets for the first three places, but that’s it and that’s a shame given how loved marathons are.

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