Watching the modern day gladiators fight in sports arenas around the globe has never been more exciting and immersive for spectators and viewers as it is today. The uproar and excitement that induce the adrenaline rush when your favourite team scores a goal is a feeling like few others and is one of the reasons why we love sports.

Whether you are watching it from the stands or in front of your TV set, there is a tone of things you do that many others share and have in common. With that in mind, you will feel even more connected to the actual game and the people watching it. In this article, we will present a couple of actions sports fans resort to when watching sports and which are shared by many others.

Sports fans bet on sports

Thanks to modern technology and the mobile betting apps on our smart devices, betting has never been more convenient, and online casinos and bookmakers know this very well. Wagering on a match you’re watching live gives an additional edge to it, especially when you can use one of the casino promos and bonuses, such as, to spice things up. When you bet on a live game you are watching, you get a first-hand experience and knowledge about the stuff on the court which can help you place a bet on the more plausible outcome. This is one of those things people who watch sports have in common and looking at the stats that say 11% of UK residents placed their bets on games last year indicate you are not alone.

They gather the mates for a couple of cold ones

Watching sports is always a good cause for you to round up your friends for a couple of cold beers and other drinks. Most people have hectic schedules that prevent them from socialising and spending more quality time with their friends and loved ones. On a game day, you can share that excitement clad in your favourite team’s outfit and over some spicy chicken wings.

Sports fans are superstitious

Beliefs and superstitions come in various shapes and sizes, and it seems that nowhere else are they more expressed than with sports fans. Many research has been done to cover this topic, and the results are flabbergasting. More than 27% of fans believe their rituals and actions are directly connected to the results of the teams they support.

Some of the more common rituals include not shaving or wearing the same socks on a game day, or always sitting in the same seat. Even though around 68% of surveys say people don’t believe their actions have any impact on the game itself, they still perform them since they don’t want to feel bad if the team loses.


Sports and games in general are a source of great amusement and thrill for many fans in the world. By looking around the people on the stands, you will see that you have a lot of things in common with them, and that shared passion is what will make you feel like a real member of the group.

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